An important date in the annual calendar of a local association within the vdk bavaria social association is the annual general meeting. Members and guests met at the burgerhaus dreuschendorf for an informative and entertaining sunday afternoon. Chairman reinhold kraus gave a special burial to raimund kohler from the board of the bamberg district association.

Kraus began his report by stating that this was the first meeting to which the new board of directors elected last year had invited members. At the beginning of the calendar year, the vdk dreuschendorf had 117 members living in all ten districts of the market town of buttenheim as well as in some of the surrounding villages.

Plaid, spotted or solid color? One no longer quite new or perhaps one that always comes along to make bread? You can recognize them by their own tablecloths, the people who have brought their bread from home to the cellar or the beer garden.

A dinner of what the fridge has to offer – green salad, pasta salad, meat salad, a piece of emmentaler, sausage, butter. Packing what's there – or what has to go. "We didn't do any extra shopping", says doreen muller from stegaurach. She came to the wilde-rose-keller in bamberg with lifelong companion michael schramm and their two children.

The whole school in motion

"Our schools must move", says rosmarie wagner, principal of the anton wolker elementary school in hochstadt. The 297 schoolchildren had plenty of opportunity to do this over the past three days.

In cooperation with a total of 19 clubs, the school had organized a sports project week and offered the children 44 different activities, from which they were allowed to choose two each day. Among the activities offered were laser, bow and blowpipe shooting, kickboxing, self-defense, darts, table tennis, swimming, inline skating, ballet, guard dancing, chess, tennis, volleyball, basketball, meditation and funino.

"World champions of nature": the gepard reaches a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour in a sprint. The african straub is an endurance runner and can maintain a speed of 50 kilometers per hour for half an hour. Snow geese fly over the himalaja mountains at 9500 meters above sea level. "These feats exemplify the incredible diversity of abilities of birds, fish, mammals and insects – and show how important it is to preserve this endangered diversity.", says museum director carsten ritzau, who is pleased to once again be able to show an exhibition in coburg that is in line with the UN decade of biological diversity.

The list of lone records in the animal kingdom that no human could match is long. The aubergwohnliche exhibition "world champions of nature takes the visitors on a journey across all continents and into the fascinating world of "sportive phanomena and high performance in the animal world. The idea for the exhibition was born in 2010, the "international year of biodiversity" the united nations and the year of the fubball world cup in sudafrica. Since then, they have already seen thousands of visitors in many cities and regions of germany and austria. The exhibition is supplemented with animal specimens from the collection of the natural history museum of coburg.

Showtime in the wine festival tent

The grape harvest in the valley of the saale has recently begun, and traditionally the ramsthal wine festival takes place at this time. The ramsthal wine princess mirjam ladt friends of ramsthal wine from 22. Until 25. September in the side valley of the french saale. The 2017 vintage promises again a very good qualitat.
However, it will take some time before this year’s harvest is completed and ready to be served.
At the wine festival, ramsthaler quality wines will be on offer, but also for the more demanding wine connoisseur, there will be kabinett wines as well as spat- and auslese wines. On sunday and monday is also federweiber in the bar.
After a hike through the autumn vineyards or during a bike ride, you can spend a few entertaining hours in the heated tent at the entrance to the village.
The entertainment program offers something for every taste. On friday from 21.30 o’clock is the show band "barbed wire" to guest. The band has a large fan base and creates a great atmosphere.
On saturday heating from 21.30 o’clock the "almrocker" and make the tent shake. Sunday starts with "rhoner hausmusik" at 11.30 o’clock for lunch in the tent.

From 16.30 o’clock entertainment. The "cavallinis" will be the finale of the event to the kesselfleischessen from 17 o’clock. Sunday and monday admission is free.
The festival kitchen will provide the well-known ramsthal specialties on all days. For the observance of the protection of minors and safety on the festival site will be provided by a security service. The organizer only accepts visitors who are at least 21 years old to accompany minors.

Kroos scores for real - barcelona also with opening win

For the other two goals provided the welsh gareth bale (20.) and the brazilian casemiro (27.). Real had to compete without the suspended cristiano ronaldo. For la coruna, romanian florin andone missed a penalty kick a minute before the final whistle, and real’s sergio ramos was shown the yellow card in stoppage time for an elbowing.

Previously, FC barcelona had also made an ideal start to the season under tightened security precautions. In the 2-0 (2-0) over real betis sevilla, the favorite had numerous chances to further increase the result. Only superstar lionel messi hit the post three times.

International anarchist meeting in switzerland

The background is the global debt crisis and other "social ubles," explained co-organizer michel nemitz of the anarchist international federation (AIF). Activists from the occupy movement and various groups from germany will also be represented – among them anarchists who are organizing protests in berlin and other major cities. However, violence is rejected by the AIF, emphasized aristid pedraza, one of its masterminds. The organization, according to its anti-authoritarian principles, has no chairmen or leadership hierarchies.

The neukenrother guards put on a truly fantastic show at the fillweber hall on the occasion of the jubilaumsbuttenabend. As early as 1981, the neukenroth clubs initiated the first "buttenabend". In the jubilee year (40 performances) there were therefore – in addition to new actors – also established and two returnees on the stage again.

The state spa administration starts the popular event series "lola unplugged", after the corona-conditioned break, new and sends to the start on thursday, 1. October, the duo "wulli wullschlager& sonja tonn" on the stage. Due to the renovation of the wandelhalle and corona, all events are currently held in the state baths in the konig ludwig I.-hall in the historic kursaalgebaude – naturally under corona conditions – takes place. "We are really happy to be able to give our guests and also our musicians another piece of normality and joy of life", says tobias wahler of the state spa administration.

Reception in twin town

At the neusiedlersee took place unlangst the 32. Austria triathlon held. There was also a strong delegation of the ASV triathlon kulmbach and the SGB stadtsteinach. Besides the sport, the visit of kulmbach’s twin town rust was also on the program.

The austria triathlon in podersdorf is considered the most traditional triathlon in austria. The kulmbach athletes were accommodated in rust on the other side of lake neusiedl.